3 Ways Humans Negatively Impact Earth

We all know that Earth is the only planet in our solar system that has all the necessary conditions to support life. Water, oxygen, food, temperature, ozone layer are some of the important ones. Over millions of years, many different species of plants and animals have evolved, lived and become extinct. From microscopic organisms to mammoths and dinosaurs, there has been a wide variety that has shown its presence on the face of the earth. None of these species destroyed the mother nature.

They coexisted peacefully along with many other animals. Then came the man. The man is the most intelligent and most developed organism ever to live here. But this intelligence has proved to be a bane for nature. Although there are innumerable ways in which man has created havoc, to highlight the main ones, here are 3 ways humans negatively impact earth.

  1. Destruction of the ozone layer– The atmosphere is the protective covering of air surrounding the earth. It is made up of various layers made up of different gases. Each layer has a unique role to play. The ozone layer is the protective layer which prevents the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun from reaching the other.
    • The UV rays are carcinogenic. Excessive exposure to these leads to the development of skin cancers. The chemical responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer are CFCs which stands for Chloro Fluoro Carbons. These are released from various electrical equipment like refrigerators. With the widespread use of these devices, there has been a massive release of CFCs. There are many ozone holes now in the present in this layer. Something that took centuries to form has now been destroyed within a span of a few years.
  1. Global warming– We are all the victims as well the creators of this global crisis known as global warming. The rampant use of automobiles has released immeasurable quantities of greenhouse gases into the air. These include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide.
    • In a greenhouse, the heat gets trapped in due to a layer of glass which allows the heat to enter but prevents it from escaping. These gases have a similar effect like this glass. As a result, the temperature keeps rising.
    • The consequences of global warming are horrendous. Animals are dying; glaciers are melting, rivers are flooding, the incidence of spontaneous forest fires is on the rise and the heat has become intolerable in several parts of the world. Out of the 3 ways humans negatively impact earth, this is one which will have dire consequences in future.
  1. Ecological Imbalance– Everything in nature exists and functions in a disciplined fashion. Each animal and plant have a purpose to serve. As a result, there is abundance and balance. The predator keeps the population of prey in check, trees provide the oxygen to breathe, water cleanses and quenches the thirst, and several factors keep the temperature in check.
    • With an explosive rise in human population, the ecosystem is out of balance. Many species of animals have become extinct due to merciless slaughter. The humans have dug deep and exploited all the resources hidden safely by mother earth. Necessities like water and fresh air to breathe are now hard to get. We all have created a hell on this heavenly planet.

The evidence of this exploitation is now coming to light. The number of natural calamities has increased. It is a method by which mother nature is displaying her anger. The day is not far away when a man would be next in line to get extinct. There are not just three ways humans negatively impact earth; there are a million. There is no list to enumerate the positive effects of humanity. It is a matter of shame that the nature that as provided us with everything has got nothing but ill treatment from us.

However, there is a silver lining. Many people have now become aware of the current state of affairs. Improvements have now started and are in progress. Although the destruction is still out of proportion to the development, the chances are that one day all of us will join hands and vow to restore and protect this beautiful planet.

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