5 ways Humans impact the Environment

5 ways Humans impact the Environment

Human beings form the highest point of the food chain and the ecosystem. While almost all the other components of the ecosystem are influenced by the ecosystem, human beings are the ones that influence and gain control over the ecosystem, at least for the most part of it. This is the reason why people can highly impact the environment they live in. However, when we have to debate about whether it is a positive impact or a negative impact, since we draw a lot of benefit from the environment, almost largely the impact that we create is negative. So here is list of things as to how human impact the environment.

5 ways Humans impact the Environment


There is no particular order as to how human population is increasing of-lately. We are outgrowing the population of the previous day growing in numbers tremendously. In the past few years, the human population has increased two or three folds higher than they gradually rose in the past decade. The earth is definitely not a cornucopia. It can keep giving things continuously and thereby it is important that we understand a larger number of people are fighting for fewer resources.


This is obviously as a result of both the increase in technology as well as increase in population. Though it is great that the standard of living of the people have considerably gone up, at the same time affordability is a bit easy, the environment will have to encounter a catastrophe. Industrial sectors disposing of their production remains in the water, increase in vehicles has resulted in air pollution, and undoubtedly led to land pollution as well.

Genetic Modification:

Science and its growth are contributing more to the destruction than to the reformation of the human race. The genetic modification that scientists have been carrying for years on fruits will soon reach animals. The fruits that are genetically altered might not cater the same benefits as the naturally grown fruits. Obviously, genetic modification results in hybrid, seedless fruits but it can leave the consumers with hazardous health impacts. So it is always right to let nature work its way.

Concrete Jungle:

With people increasingly destroying trees and turning them into buildings, real jungles will soon become an ancient story, and we will only have concrete jungles left for the future generation. As a result of deforestation, we not only destroying the earth and increasing pollution we are also killing the shelter of animals and leaving them homeless. Cutting trees is also the reason why we have issues like soil erosion and landslides.

Global Warming:

Man has lost concern towards nature. The act of preserving the resources of nature and leaving them for the future generations is almost close to impossible now. Though a lot of organisations are making efforts to preserve and bring about a clean and green earth, the public contribution is comparatively less. With the increase in pollution and population, it is quite hard to avoid the fact that our ozone layer is depleting and that the earth will soon succumb to global warming.

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  1. Mary says:

    There are different forms of life on our planet Earth and just like humans and land living animals there are more than a million species of plants and animals who live in the marine, But there life has been totally disturbed due to humans greed which has led to vanishing of some of the most important and endangered species. If the balance is not maintained by the humans this will lead to adverse effect and ultimately end of marine life.

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