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3 Ways Humans Negatively Impact Earth

We all know that Earth is the only planet in our solar system that has all the necessary conditions to support life. Water, oxygen, food, temperature, ozone layer are some of the important ones. Over millions of years, many different species of plants and animals have evolved, lived and become extinct. From microscopic organisms to mammoths and dinosaurs, there has been a wide variety that has shown its presence on the face of the earth. None of these species destroyed the mother nature.

Effects Of Overfishing On The Marine Ecosystem

Billions of people depend on fish for their food requirement. Also, there are a lot of people for whom fishing is a source of income. With the growing population, the demand for fish is also going up. This means that on a daily basis, fish are being captured from their marine habitats. Fishing is already a multimillion-dollar industry and a thriving business for many. So, we have technology helping men dive deeper and catch more fish. But are we ‘Overfishing’? If yes, then what are the effects of overfishing?