Citizens, public interest groups, government agencies and industry are increasingly likely to have divergent opinions about the environmental risks and benefits of new products, government regulations, management decisions or potential development projects. EM&A has the technical, presentation, meeting management, and interpersonal skills and experience necessary to work with all parties in a dispute to identify acceptable solutions. We are most effective in this role when we become involved early in the project so that we can assist in the identification of approaches which may minimize environmental criticism. Since efforts to develop consensus only work if participants can find some common objectives early in the process which allow them to all benefit from a successful negotiation process, that is the essential first step. Subsequently, we help the participants identify ways to integrate good science, which they jointly evaluate, into the decision or planning process. We do this through a series of facilitated workshops, where participants develop the trust, understanding and knowledge base which is essential to a successful conclusion.

Services we provide include:

    • Consensus Ecological Risk Workshops to Identify Acceptable Oil Spill Response Options
    • Design and Implementation of Demonstration Projects to Clarify Issues about Dispersant Use in Oil Spill Response
    • Public Information Meetings and Outreach Programs for Military Test Range Development
    • Technical Information Summaries for Use as Background Material at Consensus Workshops
    • Consensus Ecological Risk Workshops to Identify Future Critical Environmental Issues about Military Test Range Sustainability
    • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Documentation, Evaluation and/or Public Participation for a Variety of Projects