We have conducted a wide variety of pollution-related or ecological baseline studies in rivers, lakes, estuaries and nearshore marine environments, as well as laboratory evaluations. This experience, gathered over the last 20 years, includes projects for a variety of state and Federal agencies, universities, and private clients. We have conducted freshwater stream faunal surveys, estuarine zooplankton and benthic faunal studies, integrated chemical and biological studies related to oil, pesticide and metal pollution, and have designed and implemented specialized laboratory toxicity studies. We have particular expertise in oil pollution and response, and have assisted in response planning, field surveys at spill events, and in studies to evaluate environmental impacts of oil pollution, including extensive work related to the long-term impacts of the 1991 Gulf War spill in the Persian Gulf.

Our experience includes:

    • Water Quality Monitoring Studies
    • Biological and Chemical Baseline Surveys
    • Pollutant Monitoring Studies
    • Field and Laboratory Toxicity Studies
    • Ecological Risk Assessments
    • Field Study Planning and Management
    • Management of an Integrated Oil-Spill Research Program (Industry, State and Federal Participants)
    • Oil Spill Response Planning and Oil Spill Field Surveys and Effects Studies